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About Us

Om Nohm Gluten Free offers a bright spot in a dark world for people for people with celiac and other special food needs.  

Om Nohm Gluten Free provides delicious, safe, sweets and savories for Western New York and the Southern Tier. Om Nohm Gluten Free’s bakery creates delicious food that is vegan, vegetarian, and locally-sourced

Two Friday evenings each month we host music, poetry, or art events in the evening and serve a selection of Gluten Free foods! Check out our Facebook page for details, and upcoming events.

We are also available on Saturdays at Fredonia Farmer’s Market and other local restaurants. Check out our Find Om Nohm tab to see where you can find Om Nohm Gluten Free this week!

We recently welcomed the Om Nohm Food Trailer to the business allowing us to provide nutritious, gluten free, vegetarian foods and treats at local events.  Look for updates to our schedule for the Food Trailer coming soon!

*All items can be wrapped and frozen or
refrigerated to keep fresh until you are ready to indulge*
Click to Call: (585) 322-6864


Click to Call: (585) 322-6864

1. Just a wee support $25.00

Choose 1 bread option:
*2 pack Bagel
*3 pack roll
*half loaf bread
❖ 1 slice quiche
❖ Cookies 3
❖ Granola ¼ pound
❖ 1 pint Soup


2. Need Ya Mama $58.00

Choose 1 bread option:
*Honey Potato Oat Loaf
*4 pack Parmesan Ev. Bagel
*6 pack roll (v)
❖ 2 slices quiche
❖ Cookies ½ dozen
❖ Granola half pound
❖ 2 desserts
❖ 1 quart soup

3. Ooooohhhh Yeah, Family $105.00

Choose 2 bread option: 
*Honey Potato Oat Loaf
*4 pack Parmesan Bagel
*6 pack roll (v)
❖ 4 slices quiche
❖ Cookies 1 dozen
❖ Granola one pound
❖ 4 desserts
❖ 1 quart soup


Optional Add-Ons

Organic Coffee Beans $16/pound
*Cafe Altura French Roast
*Equal Exchange Midnight Sun

Eden Valley Organics Cheese wrapped hunk $10

Roasted Bean Snacks $1.50

Fruit Leather $1.00

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Quiche Slices: "The Sea Hag" artichoke and cheese gluten free quiche

SKU 00042
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Artichoke and cheese quiche with herbs, sold by the hearty slice. Our gluten free quiche is made more delicious with all local eggs from our great local farms!
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Located: 45 Temple St, Fredonia NY

Click to Order: (585) 322-6864

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Tuesday 10am-4pm
Wednesday 10am-4pm
Thursday 10am-4pm
Friday 10am-4pm

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