One-of-a-kind dedicated Gluten-Free food in amazing spaces:

Memorable, Nurturing, Necessary.  Gratitude.


Om Nohm Gluten Free offers a bright spot in a dark world for people for people with celiac and other special food needs.  We offer access to a GF community hub through multiple dedicated GF points: Bakeshop/Café, Farmer’s Market sales, offerings in regional restaurants, Food Trailer and Community Events, weaving a web of support for people with specific food needs.  We build memorable “Story-Food” from our own recipes, beginning, middle and end—artistic presentation, sophisticated developed textures and flavors, plant-based when possible, all in responsible packaging.  Om Nohm Gluten Free is feeding the Un-Fed: gluten-free because it has to be, delicious for everyone.



  • Safe Space
  • Feed the Un-Fed
  • Commitment to Creativity
  • All Natural “food-based-food”
  • Non-GMO dedicated companies only, all GF, all the time
  • Responsible Packaging means we don’t leave it behind for our grandchildren—biodegradable, compostable or recyclable, always