Our Mission

m Nohm is more than a restaurant. It’s a gathering place. A place where food-isolated individuals can enjoy a delicious and safe meal, free of the burden and stress that usually accompany eating out with special food needs. Om Nohm fosters a nurturing community for those with dietary restrictions, where all are supported and all are fed.

About the Owner

Necessity is the mother of invention. Jess Daly-Griffen knows this better than most. When two of her three children were diagnosed with Celiac disease, Jess faced the challenge of having to make gluten free meals that would nourish and please her entire family. She quickly learned that to satisfy their hunger while also meeting their nutritional needs, she would have to get creative.

So Jess started developing gluten free recipes from scratch to ensure that her family was eating fresh, healthy and safe meals that they relished. Soon, Jess started supplying her gluten free baked goods to a local restaurant, and that led her to realize that others in the area were hungry for gluten free food options, too.

Out of this demand, the idea for a dedicated gluten free bakery was born. She called it Om Nohm, after the sound you make when you’re eating something delicious. And she put all of her knowledge and all of her heart into developing over 150 enticing, gluten free recipes that would nourish and give joy to everyone.

Jess is a skilled baker, and her original creations blend her knowledge and artistry to bring a full range of ingredient combinations, textures and flavor profiles to her menu for all to enjoy. What makes them even more special? They’re all made with a whole lot of love.

Jess wanted to create a safe space where food-isolated individuals could feel supported and included.

But Jess wasn’t content to just provide gluten free food options. Understanding full well just how isolating and challenging it can be to live with food restrictions, Jess wanted to create a safe space where food-isolated individuals could feel supported and included. She renovated space in a 120 year old building to make it feel like a home and built a sense of community and connection with and amongst her customers.

Jess is an advocate for food-restricted individuals, and since the opening of Om Nohm in 2017, she’s been living her mission – to feed people’s souls as well as their stomachs.