Full of Flavor. Free of Gluten.

We use fresh, organic produce and eggs sourced from local farms. And we create all of our delicious dishes with a full range of natural, non-GMO ingredients. Always delicious. Always gluten free.

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House favorites


Our gluten free goodies are baked fresh every morning. We change up our selection daily, so you can tease your taste buds with new items every day.

Our Famous Oatbars

$4 each or $45 for a 9×13 tray of 12 bars

Organic Raspberry Jammy Coconut Oatbars

simple, homey, tastes like grandma made

The Peanut Butter Organic Chocolate Oatbars

Hearty, homemade peanut butter, just the right amount of sweet, a little caramelly, studded with bittersweet chocolate


Our selections rotate every day. Here are some of our most common flavors/options.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles Cake Minis (vegan)

4 layers of peanut butter organic chocolate bliss adorn our vegan chocolate cake

Pure Maple Coffeecake

Old-fashioned sourcream coffeecake loaded with organic medjool dates, walnuts, and cinnamon
$5.00 slice / $48.00 whole 10 inch cake

Mayan Moon (vegan)

Black chocolate cake made with 4 types of chocolate, organic bittersweet chocolate coconut milk ganache, cinnamon, cayenne, orange zest, vanilla, coffee crowned with organic cacao nibs
$5.00 mini / $6.00 large slice

Lemon Poppyseed Poundcake

Classic butter poundcake baked golden featuring local eggs; gentle, classy, motherly, just like Grandma
$5.00 slice / mini bundt $6.25

Pumpkin or Carrot Gingercake Bundt (vegan)

Old-fashioned spices, loads of ginger and molasses bake up this hearty favorite
$5.00 silce

Hot Chocolate Cake (vegan)

For the kid in you
$6.00 large slice

Raspberry Bliss cake (vegan)

Playful, vegan very chocolate cake, pure raspberry pink icing
$5 mini or $6 large slice

Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love, aka “The Dude Cake”

Fresh banana cake, salted peanut butter buttercream, oh my!
$5 mini or $6 large slice

Cookies-n-Cream Cake (vegan)

Who doesn’t love classic chocolate sandwich cookies? This cake does, and now for the GF peeps too! How do you eat yours?
$6 large slice


Honey Potato Oatbread (Wednesday Special)

Large 2 and a half pound loaves, a family favorite. Dairy free, contains eggs
$3 each sold in-house or $12 4pk on preorder

Full loaves on rotation every Friday:

Multigrain Chia Sourdough, Swedish “Rye-style”, Dad’s Dilly Bread, Rainbow Bread


Our selection rotates every day. Here are some of our most common flavors/options.

$1.50 ea, $8.50 half doz, @16.50 doz.

Annie Oakleys (vegan)

Our cowgirl cookie, loaded with all the goodies, organic dark chocolate, GF oats, organic coconut, sliced almonds, organic cashew butter

Grandma’s Snickerdoodles

Classic butter and cinnamon

Peanut Butter Molasses Ginger Chews (vegan)

Gingersnap and Peanut Butter Cookie had a baby

Little Sweeties Butter Cookies

Classic butter sugar and oh yeah… thanks mom


Our selection rotates every day. Here are some of our most common flavors/options.


Hazel’s PB&J Granola

Peanut Butter Vanilla Granola dusted with pulverized freeze-dried berry dust

Breakfast in Bed Granola

Caramelized Banana with cardamon and chia

Maple Snickerdoodle Granola Classic

Cinnamon Sugar and organic coconut, dressed with Pure Maple

Apple Pie with Almond Slivers

Berry Vanilla Smooches

Vanilla berry with rosepetals

Pumpkin Spice

Other Baked Goods

Occasionally offering a variety of these items


Bagel Day every Thursday!

Flavors: Parmesan Everything (our signature bagel) and Vegan Sunflower Onion


Large and Mini sizes
Blackberry Lemon, White Chocolate Raspberry layers, Apple Caramel, Raspberry Chocolate, Raspberry topped Lemon, Peanut Butter Chocolate

mini or slice $5, bars $3.50

Classic Tiramisu cups


Muffins (Summer/Fall)

Fresh fruit options depending on season
$3 each

Seasonal Pies/Tarts


Fruit pies/crisps: rhubarb, peach, cherry, mixed NY fruits, Maple Apple

Other Flavors: Butter tarts, Pecan Maple pies, Pumpkin pie

full size $26/$28, mini $9


Beer Cheese – NY White Cheddar, hops, scallions, GF IPA
“Get Well” – Orange zest, organic cranberries, crystallized ginger

$3.75 or 8pk $30


Flavors: Butter, cheese, herb

$3 / $3.25 each


Three Seed Ancient Grain Rolls (vegan)
Perfect for toasting with a savory spread, our rolls are filled with high protein seeds and gf flours.

$2 each or 3 for $5.50

Other rolls: Sourdough, Honey Potato Oat, Herb/Pesto, Buttered dinner rolls

We also have a catering menu available. Please call (716) 672-8001 for any catering questions.

Nutritional information is also available.



From staples like soups and sandwiches to comfort foods like pizza and cheesecake, we’re always cooking up something good and gluten-free.


A variety of mini pizzas available every Tuesday!
Vegan or dairy options available

Popular flavors: Saucy Cheese and Garlic, Forest Mushroom, Pesto Garlic Spinach, Nana’s Dill Pickle, Buffalo Tofu, Onion and Nooch


All made with local eggs. One flavor available daily

Garlic Spinach with Mozzarella

Sometimes sundried or fresh tomato and/or feta

Roasted Mushroom

with NY Sharp White Cheddar

The “Sea-Hag”

A classic diner combo of artichokes and cheese

Frizzled Onion

with Swiss, Cheddar, Gouda or Havarti
Many more inspired and based on seasonal herbs/veggies/local cheeses!


Savor the flavors of our fresh salad blends.

“Fins to the Left!” Gulf Coast Taco Salad (vegan)

Our famous house salad adorned with flavorful black beans, smoked nooch, seasonal taco veggies on a bed of greens topped with our taco walnut crumble

Pesto Zoodles (vegan option available)

An Om Nohm Tiny House Food Truck Favorite! Fresh cut raw zucchini noodles, tossed in house pesto, extra virgin olive oil, with toasted walnuts and red bell pepper or tomato, optional parmesan


All vegan options available. Also available on bed of greens with no bread

Mama Bring Me Home Lentil Loaf Melt

Housemade Lentil walnut loaf, greens, melted cheese or Nooch, pickled onion, organic ketchup, house bread or roll, vegan mayo

Steelworker Buffalo Tofu Melt

Buffalo Baked Tofu Slabs, spinach, melted cheese or Nooch, shredded carrot, pickled onion, house bread or roll, vegan ranch, vegan mayo

BBQ Top 5 Melt

Our house carrot chickpea “Glowburger”, greens, melted cheese or Nooch, pickled onion, BBQ sauce, house bread or roll, vegan mayo

Hot Specials

We’re serving up what’s in season – farm-fresh and local.

Mushroom Stroganoff (vegan)

hot savory mushroom stroganoff, creamy with sunflower butter, over bread or vegan roll, served warm, crowned with a serving of raw concord balsamic greens and extra virgin olive oil

Mama’s Quinoa Chili (vegan)

pinto and black beans, tomatoes, onions, warming bakery chili spices, organic quinoa, soy protein
10oz $6.94 / 32oz $12

Soup of the Day

10 oz (with bread) $6.94
32 oz (quart to go) $12

Red Lentil Dal Stew (vegan)

with sweet potatoes, onions, and warming mild yellow curry spices

African Peanut Stew (vegan)

3 types beans, rainbow bell pepper, onion, thick comforting tomato peanut broth, mild north African warming spices

Toast/Tartine Specials


HoneyBear Tartine

House peanut butter on toast with organic jam or fresh fruit and honey or agave

Emerald City

Edamame Pea Smash, greens on toast

Nana’s Passage to India

Curried tofu salad on toast with green onions

Warrior Toast

Sriracha Agave braised tofu and Nooch on toast



Everyday Drinks

Organic Fairtrade Coffee:

10 oz cup $2.49
16 oz cup $3.49
Full French Press $6.00

Organic Tea Variety

10 oz Cup $2.49
Pot $6.00

LaCroix Seltzer


Izze Sparkling Juice

Variety, no added sugars!

Zevia Ginger Rootbeer

Sweetened with stevia

Cold Specialty Drinks

Keep cool with a refreshing glass of goodness

Cold Brew Organic Iced Coffee

Black, dairy cream or maple almond optional
16oz $4.50

Maple Almond Iced Chai

16oz $4.50

LaCroix Seltzer


Love Potion

House blend of organic lemonade and brewed iced tazo passion tea



Warm Specialty Drinks

Cozy up with a hot cup of comfort

Organic Hot Cocoa (vegan option available)

creamy, sweet and very chocolatey topped with vegan Dandies Marshmallows
16oz $4.50

Hot Maple Almond Chai (vegan)

brewed black or golden turmeric chai, with pure maple syrup and vanilla almond milk
10oz $3.49
16oz $4.50

Healing Heart (vegan)

brewed lavender tulsi tea, pure maple syrup, vanilla soy milk or almond milk
10oz $3.49
16oz $4.50

Hot Ginger Tonic (vegan)

house ginger tea, organic lemon juice, pure maple syrup, optional touch of cayenne
10oz $3.49
16oz $4.50

Hot Emergen-C-Tangerine (vegan)

10oz $3.49
16oz $4.50